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    Page contents: protect what’s yours with the latest in home security hi-tech video doorbells ai-powered security cameras SEE INSIDE for top tips on how to install security cameras Safe keeping AUTUMN 2024
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    Page contents: eufy 2K Indoor Security Camera T8400CW4 Listen in and talk back with two-way audio, while night vision, motion alerts and custom activity zones ensure 24/7 security. eufy Video Doorbell 2K with Home Base E8210CW1 Quality recording and fewer false alarms with Human Detection technology to capture everyone who approaches the door. Powered by the latest in home security is here Concerned about protecting your most treasured people and possessions at home? Don’t be. AI-powered home security has arrived and it’s redefining redefining redefining home protection and making it smarter than ever before. From AI-driven security cameras that splice together important footage to AI-boosted video doorbells that distinguish between human, animal and car, rest assured there’s a device to make you feel more secure when you’re home or away. Inside, you’ll find find everything you need for a secure home set-up; whether you’re wanting to keep tabs on a high-traffic area or install a whole-home system. Plus, we’ve got the best advice on how to install your new security devices and the features worth investing in. Happy shopping! eufy Security Wall Light Camera - Black T84A1C11 Add to the ambience with customisable light colours, or set as a security light to sync up with sunrise and sunset times. eufy Security Slim HD Doorbell with Repeater E8220CW1 Never miss a delivery again with smartphone live streaming and two-way audio that lets you answer the door from wherever you are. eufy S340 Security Solocam T8170CW1 AI-powered facial recognition and night vision keep security tight. eufy 2K Indoor Pan & Tilt Security Camera T8410C24 Smart AI human and pet tracking will catch which pet broke into the treat jar, or keep an eye on common areas while you enjoy a night out. Boost surveillance with cameras and doorbells that never sleep Stand guard TO YOUR SAFER HOME Welcome
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    Page contents: eufy E330 24/7 Security System Hub3 (4 Pack) E8600T23 AI video splicing identifies identifies identifies people, merges related clips, and allows you to see everything in one place so you skip the hassle of reviewing multiple cameras’ footage. eufy 2K Floodlight Pro Security Camera T8423C21 A 360-degree pan and tilt camera with AI subject tracking and 3500-lumen floodlights floodlights work together to monitor and illuminate your yard to deter intruders. eufy Security Eufycam 3C (4 Pack) & Homebase 3 T8883T21 Keep watch with a spotlight for maximum brightness in the night and stay online with a built-in battery that lasts up to 180 days. eufy Security Eufycam 3 (2 Pack) Plus Homebase 3 T8871TW1 BionicMind AI facial recognition recognises friends and family so you know if it’s them arriving safely or a stranger at your door. eufy Security Eufycam 3C (2 Pack) & Homebase 3 T8881T21 Give yourself an eagle eye for details with 4K Ultra HD capturing the smallest features on any person on your property, day or night. eufy Security Eufycam 3 (4 Pack) & Homebase 3 T8873TW1 Impressive 4K Ultra HD quality is able to detect a licence plate clearly at up to 10m away. Looking for affordable, dependable, home protection? Track intruders, capture Ultra High Definition Definition Definition footage and be alerted when the kids arrive home safely with the latest AI-powered Eufy cameras. Keep an AI on it The cutting-edge tech you need at home
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    Page contents: wired for success Wired cameras require a more elaborate and permanent installation. But for all your efforts, you’re rewarded with a reliable video stream that won’t buffer when the Wi-Fi plays up. Powered by Ring Floodlight Camera Wired Plus - White B08F6H9RZT Illuminates large spaces including driveways and backyards. Ring Floodlight Camera Wired Plus - White B08F6H9RZT Illuminates large spaces including driveways and backyards. Ring Solar Panel (2nd Gen / USB-C) - Black B0B27QLY6L Forget replacing batteries! Capture the sun’s rays to power your Ring security camera. Also available in white. Ring Spotlight Camera Pro Battery - White B09DRX62ZV A do-it-all security camera with LED spotlights, night vision and two-way audio. Put cameras in plain sight. Just the sight of a security camera can deter criminals. * FOR HIGH-TRAFFIC AREAS Ring Stick Up Cam Battery Gen3 - White B0C5QRZ47P Wall mount for a permanent solution, or move from surface to surface. FOR INSIDE AND OUT Ring Stick Up Cam Battery Gen3 2 Pack - White B0CCJZLC5N Night vision, motion detection and two-way audio, so you can see, hear and speak to anyone on your property. FOR WHOLE-HOME COVERAGE Ring Stick Up Cam Battery 3rd Gen 4 Pack - White B09P46G8MR Versatile, weather-resistant, wire-free surveillance for inside and outside your home. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION Do some reconnaissance and scope out your best security camera spots. Indoor cameras should live high in the corner for best vision. For an outdoor set-up, install a camera at the front door, back door and/or in the driveway. To maximise motion-sensing features, choose a spot that offers a wide field field of view. The latest security cameras are smart, but even they can’t see through overhanging branches or around corners. Choosing a fit-for-purpose fit-for-purpose camera and installing it correctly is essential for a job well done. Here’s what you need to consider... Eagle eye How to choose and install the right security camera for your home ESSENTIAL UPKEEP To keep your camera at its best and ensure you get the best video footage, regularly clean the lens, check the wires and/or charge the device’s batteries. For your outdoor security cameras, trim hedges and bushes that may obstruct the camera’s field field of view. WIRELESS wonders If you are renting or want a quick set-up, wireless security cameras are the way to go. These heavy hitters will keep rolling when a summer storm cuts the power, and you can move them as often as you like.
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    Page contents: Powered by Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro B0B2BY4ZG7 Covering high, low and wide angles in 1536p HD, capture everything from the logo on a delivery driver’s shirt to the parcel they just placed on your doormat. Shop more Ring security devices Ring Chime (2nd Gen) B09L462YVZ Hear alerts and notifications from multiple Ring devices anywhere at home. Ring Video Doorbell Plus & All-New Chime B0BFJNDSJR Ask visitors to leave a message with preselected Quick Replies. Ring Video Doorbell Wired (2nd Gen) B091D9R5XX Be instantly alerted to movement, and leave instructions for the postman via two-way audio. Safe space strengthen your defences with the new Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro aerial view of any significant significant significant movement around your home. It can be programmed to pinpoint movement in a precise area for example, around your car, in the driveway or at your letterbox. 3. Detailed detection This video doorbell does some of its most important work after dark. Not only can it record flawless flawless footage in any light, but it can also film film in colour for improved clarity and motion detection. Colour Night Vision is helpful in case you ever need to provide a detailed description of intruders. 1. Multi-angle monitoring Whether it’s your lunch order, one of your children or an unwanted late-night visitor arriving at your front door, you’ll see every detail with high, low and wide camera angles in 1536p HD. 2. Vision beyond your doorstep It’s one thing to keep a close eye on your front door, but it’s quite another and even more useful to track visitors as they approach. Radar 3D Motion Detection with Bird’s Eye View provides an The best video doorbells let you see who’s knocking without getting off the couch, have the safety perks of a high-definition high-definition high-definition camera, and give you the peace of mind that you’ll be alerted to deliveries and visitors from wherever your busy day takes you. Introducing Ring’s battery-powered video doorbell the easy-to-install Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro. Here are three reasons why this next-gen device is a top choice for any secure smart home set-up.
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    Page contents: MOTION-SENSING TP-LINK Outdoor HD Pan/Tilt Security Wi-Fi Camera TAPO-C500 Know when the kids are home safe with AI person detection and motion tracking from your front gate to your door. DOOR DETAIL TP-LINK 2K Smart Wireless Video Doorbell w/Hub TAPO-D230S1 See visitors head-to-toe with the ultra-wide field of vision and Colour Night Vision that provides clear footage 24/7. Thought security cameras were just for recording footage of your front porch? Think again. Today’s cameras are packed with smart sensors and AI technology to detect and alert you to motion, sound and even the safe arrival of your loved ones to ensure all is safe on the home front. Have eyes everywhere with an all-seeing security camera Safe as houses WHOLE-HOME MONITORING TP-LINK 2K Wire-Free Security Camera System w/Hub (4 pack) TAPO-C420S4 Place cameras at front, back and side entries for complete home security. SOUND THE ALARM TP-LINK 2K Wire-Free Security Camera System w/Hub (2 pack) Tapo C420S2 Light and sound alarm, audio and Smart AI to identify people, pets and cars. FULL ALERT TP-LINK Tapo 4MP AI Home Security Wi-Fi Camera Tapo C225 Smart AI recognises the sound of a baby crying, breaking glass, pet noises, smoke alarms and more, notifying you as needed. NIGHT GUARD TP-LINK Tapo 3MP Pan/Tilt Wi-Fi Camera (2 pack) Tapo C210P2 Motion detection notifications, night vision and crystal-clear 3MP resolution.
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    Page contents: Turn your home and property into a safety hotspot with these smart security options that never go offduty. Sleep soundly thanks to these benefits: benefits: benefits: POWERED BY BONUS BENEFIT When it’s time to sell your home, adding security cameras can turn a lukewarm browser into a red-hot buyer. Plus, having cameras on your property may help reduce your insurance premiums. EYES AND EARS AT HOME Leaving the teens in charge? Keep them on their toes with indoor cameras. Check in from your smartphone to see what’s happening and opt for a camera with two-way audio so you can remind them those dishes need washing. Arlo Essential Indoor 2K Camera (2nd Gen) VMC3060-100AUS Check in any time from anywhere, via the Arlo app. It offers simple set-up, advanced motion and sound sensors, two-way audio and instant alerts. Arlo Essential 2K Camera (2nd Gen) 4 Pack VMC3450-100AUS Four cameras give you more options for placement. Arlo Essential 2K Camera (2nd Gen) 2 Pack VMC3250-100AUS Superior motion and sound detection with two-way audio. Arlo Pro 5 2K Spotlight Wire-Free Camera (2 Pack) VMC4260P-100AUS Next-level colour night vision, a 160-degree field field of view and 12x zoom mean you won’t miss a single detail. Arlo Pro 5 2K Spotlight Wire-Free Camera (4 Pack) VMC4460P-100AUS Cover every angle with four cameras which have flexible mounting options and a magnetic power cable for easy charging. Arlo Essential 2K Video Doorbell (2nd Gen) AVD4001-100AUS Be alerted on your smart device to motion at your front door, and activatve the integrated siren to ward off unwanted visitors. do-it-all doorbell An Arlo video doorbell alerts you to visitors, and sounds the alarm on porch pirates. Security detail Nobody can hide from these cameras and their high-spec tech SUPERSIZED SURVEILLANCE The wider the field field of view, the smaller the blind spots will be, so potential perps will have nowhere to hide. Plus, it can even help you identify licence plates and facial features. You’ll need fewer cameras, too. DAY AND NIGHT PROTECTION Someone lurking in the daytime shadows? Security cameras with 2K HD Range (HDR) can capture vibrant colour, with balanced brightness and exposure in any light. Your clever camera can underexpose the sun’s rays and fill fill in the darker parts for a clear visual. Gotcha!
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    Page contents: Ask it to lock the door or turn on the TV Answer the door, even when you’re away! Detects people, cars and pets From genius smoke alarms that think and speak to one-stop hubs that can manage all your compatible smart home devices from the dashboard or your voice, meet the fleet fleet of Google Nest heroes helping to create safer, more helpful homes, one device at a time. Know more, worry less! Safety in numbers Build a safer home with a suite of smart products that work even better together Google Nest Doorbell - White GA01318-AU Talk and listen to visitors through the built-in speaker and microphone and see people from head to toe or packages left on the ground with a vertical field field of view. Doubles as a handy night light Google Nest Protect Smoke Alarm - Wired S3003LWAU Silence your smoke alarm with your phone (not the tea towel) and get early warning alerts in a friendly human voice. Nest Protect also has a carbon monoxide sensor and checks its batteries over 400 times a day for security you can trust. Google Nest Hub Max - Charcoal GA00639-AU “Hey Google, call Mum.” “Hey Google, show me the front door camera.” “Hey Google, tell me the next step of my recipe.” Welcome to your ultimate, personal assistant and security detail. All rolled into one sleek, central device. Lights a path when you need it Google Nest Cam Outdoor Floodlight GA02411-AU Spot what matters with crystal-clear footage day and night, thanks to infrared night vision and 180-degree motion detection that automatically switches the lights on. Google Nest Cam Wireless Camera (3 pack) GA02077-AU Runs on a rechargeable battery so you can install it anywhere, indoors or outside. No power? No worries! Nest Cam keeps recording and can store up to an hour of footage on its local memory. wall mount or place it on a shelf Google Nest Cam Indoor - White GA01998-AU Did the dog walker close the door? Have your guests arrived? Nest Cam gives you different alerts for different types of activity. And with up to three hours of event video history, you can go back and see what happened. Powered by
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