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    Page contents: Client Ref: TGG058980 P/Size: 378mmD x 275mmW
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    Page contents: $999 $999 1.Based 1.Based on Dyson internal calculation with no repeated cleaning on the same area, with 0.5m/s speed. Actual area coverage may vary depending on habits and floor types. 3.According 3.According to Dyson internal methods, tested on ceramic tile and wood WashG1™ Wet Cleaner • Washes up to 290sqm of hard flooring on just one tank of water1 water1 • Engineered to wash hard floors. Properly3 Properly3 492607-01 1. No Need To Vacuum Before You Mop This all-in-one cleaning solution makes lighter work of keeping all of your home’s sealed floor surfaces dirt-free and pristine (whether they’re timber, tiles or vinyl). “Vacuuming up wet spills is usually a definite no-go as it leaves your vacuum cleaner odorous and messy and your floors less than pristine. But with Dyson’s innovative wet-cleaning system, any hard floor mess is fair game,” says Nick Trajkovski. 2. Wash With Fresh, Clean Water From Start To Finish Unlike traditional mops that can spread dirt around, the Dyson WashG1™ Wet Cleaner extracts dirty water from the microfibre rollers and stores it in a separate dirty water tank, so you only use fresh, clean water during your clean, leaving your floors sparkling clean. And your floors are left shining with one motorised roller for washing, and the other for finishing. 3. No Mess Too Tough Three cleaning modes let you set the precise hydration level to match any mess, from coffee spills and vegemite smears to dried-on stains. Dyson’s motorised rollers are also engineered to agitate stains twice with each pass, so removing stains doesn’t have to be a workout. 4. Less Elbow Grease Wave goodbye to scrubbing and scraping (or awkward bending) to get your floors sparkling. Thanks to the upright handle position and double rollers that spin in opposite directions, the lightweight Dyson WashG1™ glides effortlessly over floors and even under furniture. The nifty Dyson floor cleaner washes up to 290sqm of hard flooring on just one tank of water, saving you time and effort on water refills too. 1 5. Quick-Drying No more shouting at the kids to stay off slippery tiles. With highly absorbent microfibre rollers (densely packed with 64,800 filaments per square centimetre), the Dyson WashG1™ leaves floors damp, not wet, and dry again in a flash. 6. Self-Cleaning Smarts Wondering how to clean the Dyson WashG1™? In just 140 seconds, the self-clean cycle flushes the whole system, ready for next time all while it charges on the dock, making maintenance easier than ever. Plus, Dyson’s unique system automatically separates dirty water from dry debris for easy disposal and maintenance. “This is a feature that really excites customers because it means the floor cleaner stays in top condition and performs at its best for longer,” says Nick Trajkovski. “All they have to do is empty the dry debris tray and the dirty water tank and the job is complete.” Client Ref: TGG058980 P/Size: 378mmD x 275mmW
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